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Doctor and Sick People

When you sick, you pay a visit to a doctor. But, how did you know that you are sick before visiting a doctor? The point is, you do have some sort of idea that you are sick even before you were actually diagnosed. How??? Yup.... because you recognize the presence of 'symptoms'. It can be mild cough, irregular heart beat, rise in body temperature, rashes, or just about any abnormalities you could figure. Although you couldn't figure exactly what kind of health problems you currently have, but you do realize that ... 'I need help!'

Help! Help!~
Did you realize that a doctor couldn't treat a patient without the patient's written consent?? (or maybe guardian in some cases). So the only person that can help you is your own self!~ (or maybe someone close to you in some cases). People can insist you to get help but in the end, you are the only one who can help yourself. To get help means to admit that you are sick! But nothing could be done to improve your health prior to you admitting the sickness you are having.

First Line of Defense
Since getting help seems like a complicated process, then, maybe it would be better for us to maintain or improving our health on daily basis? Let me see... exercising? good diet?

So brothers and sisters, just a couple of question..

How are you today?
Are you sick?
Do you need to see a doctor?
Are you maintaining a good healthy lifestyle?

Okay, lets try this question one more time. But this time try to answer in terms of your soul's well being~

How are you today?
Are you sick?
Do you need to see a 'doctor'?
Are you maintaining a good 'healthy' lifestyle?

All praises to Allah.

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